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London Fashion Week 2023 - Jewellery Trends

London Fashion Week 2023 - Jewellery Trends

London Fashion Week - Jewellery Trends

With London Fashion Week 2023 quickly approaching, we're getting ready to welcome the new upcoming trends in the jewellery world.

The 2022 London Fashion Week showcased stunning moments, with Y2K aesthetics taking the spotlight. Models strutting down the catwalk for Blumarine and Acne Studios were adorned with chain belts to complete their looks. In the realm of jewellery, colourful gemstones stole the show, as seen in Saint Laurent's runway, which featured eye-catching bold drop earrings in vibrant pink and yellow hues. Another noteworthy trend from the previous year was the Bubble-gum Bauble Rings, a style that graced the collections of Bottega and Swarovski, presenting an array of striking pieces.

Numerous jewellery designers have us eagerly anticipating their showcases this year, we've picked a handful that we believe will be really exciting to see.

Emma Chapman Jewels - Emma presents finely crafted heirloom jewellery with a touch of luxe bohemian style. Having lived in Jaipur for over 10 years she has mastered the craft of ancient Indian jewellery techniques, she combines this with a modern touch to create outstanding pieces. The brand has been winning awards for years and has graced the stages of London & Paris Fashion Week on many occasions.

EX-A-STUDIO - This brand was founded by the designer Elliot Andre in 2020, he creates high quality unisex jewellery inspired with science fiction & technology. EX-A Studio seamlessly bridges the digital and physical realms. Their work has been showcased in publications like Wonderland Magazine, Notion, and Guap. Lots of the collection are statement pieces, incorporating gemstones like rubies and sapphires, this is definitely an up and coming brand to watch out for.

Freya Rose - This brand is known for their shoes, but also has a timeless jewellery collection that is mostly made up of precious stones and pearls. Freya Rose has a tailored bridal jewellery collection we hope to see featured at LFW.

These are just a few of the brands we are excited to see at LFW, we can't wait to see how designers have pushed the boundaries of creativity this year.

We’ve put together a few trends that we think could be featured in the upcoming show.

Expect to see bold jewellery designs that are more like wearable art. These sculptural pieces make a strong fashion statement, Osman Yousefzada projected large chunky necklaces in last years show.

With sustainability on everyone’s minds, vintage-inspired jewellery has been making waves in the fashion world, and it's poised to be a prominent feature at London Fashion Week 2023. In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability in the fashion industry, eco-friendly and ethically sourced jewellery is gaining momentum. Designers are incorporating recycled materials, and environmentally responsible practices into their creations.

Lastly, we believe that there will be many pearls on the runway. Many people associate pearls with an old fashioned style, icons like Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn were avid wearers. However, in 2023 we saw pearls featuring in many celebrities statement outfits, coming in all different shapes and sizes. In the world of fashion, some trends stand the test of time, and pearls are undoubtedly among them.

We can’t wait for London Fashion Week 2023 to start, in the meantime feel free to browse our trending pearl collection here and see if you can find any treasures!


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